Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Final Installment of the Armadillo Conundrum

By Linda and Burt Crume

Examining the conflicting laws, the ethical implications, and the financial considerations of armadillo disposal.

A Bigger, Better Hugelkultur Bed

By Jennifer Quinn

Here’s how I built my latest hugelkultur bed — designed to be my biggest and best ever — with the addition of a thick layer of horse manure.

Christmas 2018 (Say what?!?)

By Amanda "Mandi" Kemp

Avoid the holiday stress by starting now.

Shelling Black Walnuts — Trickier Than You Might Think!

By Jennifer Quinn

After two months of waiting for my bumper crop of black walnuts to dry out, I decided it was time to try and shell them. Among other problems, I found the shelling a challenge, to say the least!


Financial Planning for a Compact Farm

By Josh Volk

Follow these financial tips to successfully plan and manage your own compact farm.

From Man Caves to She-Sheds

By Lois Hoffman

For a long time men have had their man caves, places that they could call their own and hang out with whatever "stuff" they liked. Well, now women have their own spaces too. Welcome the she-sheds.

Growing Blackberries

By Roger Yepsen

Learn about different types of blackberries and how you can grow your own.

Growing Black Currants

By Roger Yepsen

Grow a variety of black currants for a burst of antioxidants and vitamin C.