Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Fall Homestead Updates on the Garden and New Animals

By Faithful Homesteader

Drought had killed the garden over the summer, but now some things are producing again. We have a new puppy and pullets learning to live together.

Against the Grain: Growing a Small-scale Business

By Susanne Reed

Learn how one family turned a passion for sharing homegrown products into a successful enterprise.

How to Profit from Off-Season Farmland

By Dale and Darcy Cahill

Leasing land to a hunting outfitter can provide additional income, plus peace of mind when it comes to property oversight.

A Guide to Winter Squash

By Kristina Seleshanko

Stock your cellar with this easy-to-grow, versatile crop and reap its many rewards.


Mulching Grass – The Benefits and How to Get Started

Explore the versatility and benefits of composting grass clippings.

Farm Land Transfer Planning: Soft and Hard Issues

By Kathryn Z. Ruhf and edited by Teresa Opheim

Provide for future generations in farmland beliefs by planning for the future with farmland transfer plans.

How to Husk, Shell and Utilize Black Walnuts

By Clyde Myers

Make the most of black walnut season with these tips for husking, shelling, and utilizing the famously tough nut.

Welcoming the Winter Garden

Rebecca Martin

Group Editor Rebecca Martin talks about the benefits of winter gardening.