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Oct 16, 2021


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Honey-Infused Beverage Recipes

As beekeepers and honey lovers, my family and I are always looking for ways to use honey in our kitchen. We bake with it, cook with it, and eat it by the spoonful. Lately, we’ve also discovered a whole menu of beverages that can be made with honey, and we’re loving the results. Using honey in homemade beverages allows you to satisfy your thirst for sweeter drinks while also ...

Staff | Aug 13, 2021


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Tips for Transporting Livestock from a Veterinarian

If you breed livestock on your farm, sooner or later some of those critters are going to need to leave the property. Whether for shows or sales, building your reputation as a producer of good stock means getting them where others will see them. So let's cover the basics of moving livestock off the farm and what you need to know, from the perspective of a veterinarian who writes ...

Holly Stockley | Sep 12, 2021


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(Don’t) Bite Me

If you’re bitten by a tick, it isn’t just Lyme disease you need to worry about. There are other tick-borne infections you can get from a bite, so it’s important to ensure you minimize the risk of encounters with ticks and the possibility of a bite. Tick Checks Checking for ticks is one habit that I highly recommend everyone adopt, whether you live rurally or in the city. I ...

Staff | Jun 27, 2021


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Integrating Chickens, Dogs and Cats

We have three dogs, two Dachshunds and one Chocolate Lab, and they have three extremely different personalities. So, when we decided to begin the adventure of backyard chickens, one of the first questions my wife asked was, “How are we going to introduce the dogs to the chickens?” and my response was, “Well, until we got Frasier (our 2 year old cat), the dogs had never even ...

Benjamin Baer | Jul 21, 2021


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DIY Chigger Bite Relief

I hate chiggers. These miniscule mites turn impromptu summer hikes and fishing jaunts into adventures in dermatological disaster. The little pests just LOVE me. The other day I noticed the fish hitting the surface of our pond. Looked like an ideal time to toss a fishing line in to catch some supper! I got my pole out of the garage and trotted to the pond. Well, the fish weren’t ...

Staff | Aug 26, 2021

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