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How to Sharpen All Knives

Sidebar How Knife Sharpening Works: A Video Purchasing Sharpening Supplies It was on a family outing to attend Archeology Days at the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village in Mitchell, South Dakota, that I was first introduced to some of the sharpest of man-made blades. I’ve been fascinated since boyhood by any tool made to cut, so imagine my curiosity as I watched a young ...

Tom Larson | Apr 27, 2021


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On the Trail of the Right Trailer

Most projects on our rural property require hauling something from one point to another. Trailers are invaluable in my day-to-day work, whether I’m hauling cut logs out of the woodlot, or moving equipment, implements, or gravel. Trailers come in many sizes, styles, and price ranges. Some have been built for a specific type of hauling, while others can handle a variety of ...

Staff | Apr 23, 2021

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Power Tools

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Chainsaw Challenges

Photo by LeonidKosGenerally, a small engine is defined as a gas- or diesel-powered engine of 25 horsepower or less. There are two basic types: two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Two-stroke engines are usually found on hand-held equipment, such as chainsaws and string trimmers. For this equipment, the fuel is a mixture of special two-stroke oil with fuel in a precise ...

Victoria Redhed Miller | Oct 1, 2019


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Fabrics of Our Lives

 Sometimes we take for granted the very things that shape our everyday lives. The other day I noticed an intriguing pattern in a blouse that a friend was wearing. We see patterns in fabric all of the time in the clothes that each of us wear. Many times, those clothes define who we are. As I soon discovered, the simple process of weaving simple threads into fabrics with ...

Lois Hoffman | Nov 24, 2020

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