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How to Sharpen All Knives

Sidebar How Knife Sharpening Works: A Video Purchasing Sharpening Supplies It was on a family outing to attend Archeology Days at the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village in Mitchell, South Dakota, that I was first introduced to some of the sharpest of man-made blades. I’ve been fascinated since boyhood by any tool made to cut, so imagine my curiosity as I watched a young ...

Tom Larson


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Electric Pickup Trucks Coming to Market

Electric vehicle startup, Rivian Motors, is building a fleet of delivery trucks for Amazon. Photo by Ron Frazier Despite market fluctuations due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Ford F-Series pickup truck still raked in 787,422 units of sales and remained the #1 bestselling vehicle in the U.S. for the 39th straight year. If the United States’ favorite vehicle is to remain ...


Power Tools

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Chainsaw Safety Considerations for Farm Use

The author’s two chainsaws, the 16-inch above, the 18-inch below, pictured as found in the shed. Note the loose chain on the 16-inch. This will definitely need tightening before use. The first chainsaw I purchased was for storm-related, light-duty work at my home. With no previous experience and without much forethought, I bought it during a lunch break, because I had read it was ...

Bradley Rankin


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Fabrics of Our Lives

 Sometimes we take for granted the very things that shape our everyday lives. The other day I noticed an intriguing pattern in a blouse that a friend was wearing. We see patterns in fabric all of the time in the clothes that each of us wear. Many times, those clothes define who we are. As I soon discovered, the simple process of weaving simple threads into fabrics with ...

Lois Hoffman

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