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How to Sharpen All Knives

Sidebar How Knife Sharpening Works: A Video Purchasing Sharpening Supplies It was on a family outing to attend Archeology Days at the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village in Mitchell, South Dakota, that I was first introduced to some of the sharpest of man-made blades. I’ve been fascinated since boyhood by any tool made to cut, so imagine my curiosity as I watched a young ...

Tom Larson | Apr 27, 2021


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Keep Up with Large Equipment Upkeep

This past fall, I changed the oil and spark plug on my lawn mower, added fuel stabilizer, and ran the gas out before I stored the mower for winter. It’s the same process I go through every fall in anticipation of getting another good year out of my 12-year-old mower. The following spring, after adding new gas — I always use premium gas in my outdoor equipment — I ...

Staff | Aug 17, 2021

Power Tools

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Chainsaw Challenges

Generally, a small engine is defined as a gas- or diesel-powered engine of 25 horsepower or less. There are two basic types: two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Two-stroke engines are usually found on hand-held equipment, such as chainsaws and string trimmers. For this equipment, the fuel is a mixture of special two-stroke oil with fuel in a precise ratio. Four-stroke engines are ...

Victoria Redhed Miller | Oct 1, 2019


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Fabrics of Our Lives

 Sometimes we take for granted the very things that shape our everyday lives. The other day I noticed an intriguing pattern in a blouse that a friend was wearing. We see patterns in fabric all of the time in the clothes that each of us wear. Many times, those clothes define who we are. As I soon discovered, the simple process of weaving simple threads into fabrics with ...

Lois Hoffman | Nov 24, 2020

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