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Practicality of the Pressure Canner

I grew up in Seattle, Washington, in a family with eight children. My mother was a stay-at-home mom, and she has always cooked virtually everything from scratch. Grocery store sale ads appeared in the Wednesday newspaper, and Mom would plan a week’s worth of meals based largely on what was on sale that week. I was interested in cooking when I was quite young, and Mom often let me ...

Victoria Redhed Miller | Jul 14, 2021


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Butterscotch Pie Recipe with a Lard Crust

For many of us, our favorite memories include eating pie at Grandma's house. Growing up, there always seemed to be a pie cooling on the windowsill. Even my mother's generation followed the same tradition, that a meal just wasn't complete without pie. This delectable dessert is about as American as you can get. Even my hometown of Union City, Mich., has a sign on every street as ...

Lois Hoffman | Jun 27, 2021

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