Kitchen Techniques

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Cook with the Sun

-Advertisement- March 2021 Sponsored by Haines Solar Cookers LLC Parabolic Solar Cookers Advantages: For fast cooking and frying, you can’t beat a parabolic or “dish” solar cooker! Parabolics concentrate the sun on a tight focal point, and can reach temperatures hot enough to fry chicken or bacon and to sear meat. Cooking times can be similar to cooking times for ...

Staff | Mar 22, 2021


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Grill Outside the Box

The rules for grilling vegetables are pretty much the same as those for grilling meat or seafood: Keep it hot, keep it clean, and keep it lubricated. In other words, you want to start with a hot, clean grate that you oil right before food goes on. Heat your grill grate well, and then scrub it with a stiff wire brush, or scrape it clean with a wooden scraper. Oil the grate with ...

Staff | Apr 23, 2021

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