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Growing Wheat in Our Garden

The sun beat down out of the bright-blue summer sky as I crouched by rustling wheat. While I harvested, the rhythmic clipping of my shears combined with the soft, almost musical swishing of wheat straw. The airy touch of the awns brushed against my face. Recalling this scene reminds me of the biblical story of Ruth gleaning the barley harvest in Israel so long ago. I was in my ...

Staff | Apr 23, 2021

Do It Yourself

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No-Dig Fencing

  Photo by Flickr/USFWS National Elk Refuge, B.J. BakerThe first thing we needed to do after moving onto our dream farmstead, even before we’d completely unpacked, was to build some fences. We already had horse pens, but our dogs and kids needed to be kept in, and wild critters kept out of, our backyard. So, there we were during the hottest days of August, ...

Renee-Lucie Benoit | Feb 16, 2021

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Notable Nightshades

When you think of nightshades, you likely think of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. But tomatillos and ground cherries are part of the same plant group, and they yield delicious, healthy fruit that’s perfect for cooking, baking, and preserving. And did you know that there are many ornamental nightshades? Let’s look at a few interesting nightshades — some edible ...

Staff | Apr 23, 2021


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Explore Native Fruits

 Photo by Adobe Stock/Maren WinterNothing succeeds like success.” This seems to qualify as the mantra for many of our growers and agricultural extension agents when it comes to berries and small fruit. The overwhelming attention and resources devoted to a small number of the most popular fruits and berries ends up perpetuating these crops.I’m not saying ...

Michael Brown | Oct 6, 2020


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Growing Culinary Herbs

Nothing entices, enthralls, and brings back pleasant memories like the smells that come from a kitchen in full cooking mode. And those mouth-watering aromas owe much of their power to the herbs that grace the recipes. When cooking with herbs, using the freshest product makes all the difference in flavor and aroma. To make sure that you always have a supply of fresh herbs, why not ...

Claire Moore | Jan 22, 2021


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Forest Restoration

Photo by Tracy DahlBy the time we were placed on pre-evacuation notice, we could already see the pyrocumulus clouds rising higher than 30,000 feet. Although they looked a little like rain clouds, no precipitation was forthcoming. The hot, dry weather and incessant winds were driving the Spring Creek Fire east, turning overgrown forests into a seemingly unstoppable inferno ...

Tracy Dahl | Feb 15, 2021


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Planting Your Cider Orchard

Gardening for the Homebrewer(Voyageur Press, 2018), by Wendy Tweten and Debbie Teashon walks through the cultivation, harvesting, and brewing processes necessary for making beer, cider, wine, and much more. As two seasoned gardeners, Tweten and Teashon know the fulfillment of growing food for the table and for the wine cellar. Assembling a brew book as a guide, the two ...

Wendy Tweten And Debbie Teashon | Jul 11, 2018


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Natural Pest Control for Animals

Spring and summer are accompanied by many beautiful and wonderful new living things in our barnyards. However, these seasons also usher in many unwanted pests – mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas and lice – that can make our livestock and pets miserable, contribute to disease, and reduce production.We often resort to using chemicals for pest control, but there are ...

Jackie Wilt | Jul 17, 2020

Structures And Outbuildings

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How to Build a Smokehouse Out of Cement Blocks

I’ve always wanted to build a backyard smokehouse – primarily for smoking sausage, but also for smoking bacon, ham, cheese, poultry and venison. My goal was to construct a smokehouse with a lot more room than the smaller ones you can buy from big-box stores.After spending some time talking to local farmers and collecting ideas on the construction process, and ...

Matt Gilara | Jan 19, 2021


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Quick-Growing Vegetables

Photo by Adobe Stock/Chris DoALThis past year increased many people’s interest in growing their own food and increasing food self-reliance. If you’re among them, maybe growing food is part of your response to COVID-19, or maybe you just want to leap into spring. Either way, you’re probably wondering what can bring the fastest results with early ...

Pam Dawling | Feb 16, 2021

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