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By Staff | Mar 30, 2021

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TIBETAN YAKS FOR SALE Ideal multipurpose bovine for small acreage
farms: High protein, very lean red meat, fiber similar to cashmere,
work, pack and trekking.Registered stock.
Facebook: Zhi-ba Shing-ga Yaks,
Email: nct1108@yahoo.com
Phone: 606-776-0022.


Miniature Texas longhorns For sale in Florida. TLBAA registered
Miniature and small framed Texas Longhorns. Great for pet or show.


MILKING DEVON FAMILY COWS, Hand milked, halter broke.
Males fatten easily. They also make great driving oxen. Milk is especially
suited for cheese and butter. Don’t be without fresh milk. 330-
674-1289 ext. 3. Fredericksburg, OH.



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