Livestock and wildlife from rural America

The American Copper Butterfly

Follow the metamorphosis of an American Copper caterpillar into a tiny, fast-flying and playful butterfly.

Gordon, Mr. Congeniality

Gordon the Alpaca loves everything but his halter.

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DIY Mason Bee House

DIY Mason Bee House

Encourage the pollinator population around your home and garden with a DIY bee house.

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Breed Profile: Lincoln Longwool Sheep


Nancy AddieThe animals in Nancy's life bring plenty of character to Addie Acres.



Hunting deer is the most inexpensive, environmentally friendly way to acquire organic, grass-fed meat. Even if you’ve never held a gun before, author Jackson Landers can show you how to supplement your food supply with venison taken near your home. He addresses everything a new hunter needs to know: how to choose the correct rifle and ammunition, how to hunt effectively and safely, and what to do if something goes wrong. He includes chapters on field dressing and butchering after the kill, recipes for using the meat, and a chapter on the politics and psychology of hunting. Whether you hunt to be more self-sufficient, to eat the safest and most nutritious meat possible, to protect the environment, or to save money, this book is the perfect guide.

About the author
Jackson Landers was born into a vegetarian household and never tasted a cheeseburger until age ten. As an animal lover, his desire to avoid factory-farmed meat led him to take up hunting as an adult. He teaches classes and workshops on locavore hunting and home butchering. He lives in Keswick, Va.



There are hundreds of ways to save money on your grocery or home repair bills: growing your own food, doing your own home repairs, preserving or baking your own food, and so much more. Mother Earth News and Grit have compiled five special guides that will help you save money on food and your homestead. You will learn how to buy and build your dream homestead, discover delicious homemade bread recipes, grow food in small spaces, and more.

This set includes:

Mother Earth News Guide to Fresh Food All Year, 4th Edition
This 100-page guide shows how to grow, maintain and harvest your own food all year long. A wide variety of articles – 20 in all – cover everything from growing the best tomatoes to building a mini-greenhouse, from preserving fresh food to making homemade butter.

Grit Guide to Modern Homesteading
Guide to Modern Homesteading walks you step-by-step through finding, buying and building your dream homestead. From selecting that perfect piece of land to building your dream home and buying and raising livestock, this 100-page guide is filled with articles written by some of the best homesteading experts.

Mother Earth News How to Grow and Preserve Your Own Food, 6th Edition
Get more from your garden this year! This sixth edition is filled with expertly written articles on growing a successful, bountiful garden and preserving fresh vegetables and fruits. You’ll learn how to eat in sync with the seasons, make easy compost, dry and freeze produce from your garden, and more.

Grit Guide to Homemade Bread, 6th Edition
Even you can make bread! A lot of people are intimidated by the thought of making bread, pizza dough, cornbread or bagels, but with the help of Guide to Homemade Bread anyone can make delectable homemade bread. This sixth edition has more than 51 keys to baking tasty homemade bread, several expertly written articles and 118 delicious recipes.

Mother Earth News Guide to Saving Money on Food
The editors at Mother Earth News have compiled the best money-saving articles into one invaluable guide. Guide to Saving Money on Food will help you cut your food bills in half with instructions on how to preserve your own food, gardening techniques, tips on grocery shopping, and so much more.



What book would you want if you were stranded on a desert island? Widely regarded as the bible of off-grid living, the Solar Living Sourcebook might be your best choice. With more than 600,000 copies in print worldwide, it is the most comprehensive resource available for anyone interested in lessening their environmental footprint and increasing their energy independence.

This 14th edition of the sourcebook is the ultimate guide to renewable energy, sustainable living, natural and green building, off-grid living and alternative transportation, written by experts with decades of experience and a passion for sharing their knowledge. This fully revised and updated edition includes brand new sections on permaculture and urban homesteading, and completely rewritten chapters on solar technology, sustainable transportation and relocalization. It also boasts greatly expanded material on:

  • Natural building
  • Permaculture and biodynamics
  • Electric and biofuel-powered vehicles
  • Passive solar
  • Solar water heating
  • Grid-tied photovoltaic systems

You’ll also find maps, wiring diagrams, formulas, charts, electrical code, solar sizing worksheets and much more.

Whether you're a layperson or a professional, novice or longtime aficionado, the Sourcebook puts the latest research and information at your fingertips … everything you need to know to make sustainable living a reality.



  • Size - 13" x 9 1/2" x 4 1/2"
  • Storage along with angled lid for easy-reading when cooking
  • Complete list of materials
  • Step-by-step instructions

Designed with an angled lid for easy reading when cooking, this handy recipe box has plenty of storage for your favorite recipes! Finished product size: 13-by-9.5-4.5 inches.

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