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Row of cattle
Cattle Breeds, Breeding and Genetics
The various breeds of cattle you can raise for grass-fed beef come with specific pros and cons, meat qualities, and breeding options.

Rooftop Gardens in Urban Spaces
If you don’t have a lawn but want a garden, consider putting one on your roof; you’ll have the benefits of a healthy garden while saving space.

Tiny Homes: Green and Cost-Efficient
By salvaging construction materials, your tiny home will have an even lower impact on the environment and your budget than you thought!

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Fireside Curry Shrimp Pizza Recipe
The toppings for this pizza set on a bed of mascarpone cheese.

Pallet Wood Garden Shed
Learn how to build a garden shed with unconventional building plans.

How to Protect Your Chickens From Predators
Knowing the predators in your area is the first step to keep your flock safe.