People and profiles from rural America

Fall in Northwest Alabama

By Mary Carton

I am now retired, and have been running every weekend to some sort of event as a photographer. I’m not sure how I ever did that plus work full-time.

Winter on the Farm

By the GRIT staff

Celebrate the season with a day of winter-themed activities.

Rocky Mountain Seed Vault

By the GRIT staff

Suggest a location for a regional seed vault in the Mountain West.

Tanning Hides Tutelage

By Caleb Regan

The arrival of deer season means plenty of shared hunting stories and the opportunity for Caleb to learn how to tan hides.


How to Start a Homestead on a Small Budget

By Bobbi Peterson

If you don’t have the money to go all out and purchase heavy machinery or top-of-the-line tools, here are a few ways to help get you started without breaking your wallet.

Impact of Hurricane Harvey in North Texas

By Faithful Homesteader

There are plenty of ways that North Texas is involved with helping Hurricane Harvey victims. Good will abounds.

Garage Saling 101

By Lois Hoffman

I have learned that there is a right and wrong way to garage sale.

Four Day Stress Away Getaway

By Lois Hoffman

Even though the garden and yard are labors of love, sometimes just getting away for a few days provides a whole new outlook on things.