People and profiles from rural America

Celebrating Family

By Caleb Regan

For Caleb, farm ponds have remained a focal point of childhood memories, family outings, and first-time writing assignments.

2018 Spring Planting Festival

By the GRIT staff

Browse thousands of plant varieties and enjoy the community atmosphere at Baker Creek’s 18th annual Spring Planting Festival.

Weaving Workshop

By the GRIT staff

Learn the basics of weaving in this beginner’s class offered through The Homestead Atlanta.

International Heritage Breeds Week 2018

By the GRIT staff

Celebrate heritage livestock and poultry during the fourth annual International Heritage Breeds Week.


Valley of the Whispering Wind

By Louis L'Amour

In this excerpt from Louis L’Amour’s Kilkenny, a drifter’s pursuit of a quiet life finds him the perfect piece of land and a few obstacles along the way.

Cattleman Catlow

By Louis L'Amour

A skilled cowhand makes a name for himself on the Plains in this excerpt from Louis L’Amour’s “Catlow.”

Summer Farm Camp

By the GRIT staff

Enroll your child in a hands-on farm experience at Heritage Creek Farm Camp.

“Starting a Vineyard” at Monticello

By the GRIT staff

Learn the basic principles of grape growing at Monticello’s spring viticulture class.