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How a 7-Year-Old Challenged Me to Take the "Feed Greatness Challenge"

Exploring Purina's Feed Greatness Challenge, assisted by a 7-year-old

From Homeless to Homestead: Adopting a Farm Dog

By Andrew Weidman

Consider a trip to your local animal shelter or rescue organization next time you’re on the lookout for a new country canine.

Trying Out a New Feed for my Chickens

Exploring new feed to increase chicken health, calcium levels, and bacteria prevention.

The Healthy Pig

By Linda McDonald-Brown

Follow these tips to keep your pigs in good health.


Plants That Are Toxic to Your Pigs

By Linda McDonald-Brown

Watch out for these poisonous plants that can be extremely harmful to your pigs.

Natural Remedies for Your Pigs

By Linda McDonald-Brown

Learn about two natural and effective remedies that can help treat skin diseases and wounds for your pigs.

Health Problems for Pigs

By Linda McDonald-Brown

Learn to recognize common health problems in pigs and how to prevent them from becoming serious.

A Different Kind of Dairy

By Lois Hoffman

When folks think of dairy, they usually think of cows. But just outside of Milford, Indiana, there is a dairy that is a bit unusual. This camel dairy offers up soaps and lotions that are unlike any you have ever tried.