Livestock and wildlife from rural America

Homestead Conversations

By Carol Tornetta

You have some odd conversations when you're living life on a homestead.

The Futility of Floor Washing in Winter

By Carmen Horton

Save your strength folks; it doesn't pay to wash floors in winter!

Bipolar Farming

By Wendy Boe

The emotional roller coaster of raising livestock.

More Animals on the Homestead

By Monica Smith

We're welcoming new animals on the homestead and saying goodbye to others.


5 Reasons to Go to the Sale Barn and 1 Reason Not to

By Candi Johns - thefarmbarbie

If you've never been to a sale barn (a livestock auction) before - here's some reasons to visit one today...

Animal Defense Mechanisms

By Terri Schlichenmeyer

Discover defense mechanisms your livestock and wildlife use to fend for themselves.

How Long to Keep a Brooder Lamp on Baby Chicks

Hank Will, Editor-in-chief of GRIT Magazine, answers the reader submitted question, “How long should I keep a heat lamp on my chicks in the brooder?”