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DIY Chicken Roost: How to Keep Your Chickens Safe

The noise was deafening and sounded as if our entire flock was under attack. We went running out to help and found in the chaos of feathers and squawks there was a weasel inside of our chicken coop. Luckily for us, the hens were all up safely on their roost yelling at the uninvited guest ...

Balance Your Blood Sugar

Chicken and Bean TostadasOven Fried ChickenOld-Fashioned Pork SpareribsDiabetic Sugarless Apple PiePasta GardenaButterscotch Pumpkin PieDiabetic Eggplant SaladScrumptious Chocolate Coconut SquaresMeatloafDiabetes affects more than 81 million of us in the United States, whether we know it or ...

Smoking Meats

Barbecue raises the flavor of meat and fish to a new high – and creates an atmosphere of relaxation for the cook. In the United States, now as in the past, a barbecue means a large party. Politicians used barbecues to lure voters in the 1800s. Scarlett O’Hara met Rhett Butler at a barbecue ...

When It’s Chicken-Cookin’ Time in Alabama

Thai-Inspired Stuffed Chicken Breast and SlawWarm Chicken Black Bean Salad with Mango DressingPecan Chicken Sticks with Collard CouscousChicken Paillards with Asian SaladZesty Ginger Beer BBQ Pulled Chicken SandwichesIf you’ve ever wondered how to get out of the same-old same old with ...

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