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Quincentennial Cattle

2021 is a landmark year as we celebrate 5 centuries of cattle culture in North America. The animals first arrived on the continent in 1521, when Gregorio de Villalobos, viceroy of New Spain, rebelled against Spanish law prohibiting cattle trading in Mexico. He acquired six Spanish cows and a ...


Keeping Your Herd Healthy

Herd health is top priority when raising livestock, but its impact could go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Herd health displays not only in the number of sick or injured animals, but also in your animals’ welfare and productivity on the whole. Many producers don’t realize that their ...

Raising Feeder Steers

Raising beef steers appeals to people for multiple reasons. While it is easy to do, it is important to understand a few basics before jumping right in. Having correct information will help you decide what breed is best for your property and how old you want the steer to be at purchase and ...

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