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Vegetable Processing and Preservation

When the euphoria and celebration of a bountiful harvest subsides, we gardeners and homesteaders are presented with a new task: preserving the abundance so that it will feed us rather than rot. After the long season of planting, growing and harvesting, we are fatigued and somehow the work of processing and preservation, while gratifying, can seem overwhelming. Maybe it is compounded ...

Sarah Joplin | Sep 2, 2021


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Honey-Infused Beverage Recipes

As beekeepers and honey lovers, my family and I are always looking for ways to use honey in our kitchen. We bake with it, cook with it, and eat it by the spoonful. Lately, we’ve also discovered a whole menu of beverages that can be made with honey, and we’re loving the results. Using honey in homemade beverages allows you to satisfy your thirst for sweeter drinks while also ...

Staff | Aug 13, 2021

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