Recipes and kitchen tips for rural America

Dehydrating Wild Apples and Plums

By Loretta Liefveld

How to dehydrate wild apples and plums.

Dehydrating Kale

By Loretta Liefveld

An experiment with dehydrating kale.

No Power, No Problem for Food Preservation

By Lois Hoffman

Before the modern conveniences of canning and freezing, folks found ingenious ways to preserve food that are still applicable today.

Peach Salsa

By Connie Moore

Fruit adds a wonderful dimension to spicy salsa.


Good Farm Breakfast

By Lyssa McKenry

Here's what to eat for a hardy breakfast that will stick around while you're putting in a full day's work.

Mrs. Rorer's Cook Book

By Chuck Mallory

This 1886 cookbook is the scariest book I own.

Summer Grilling with Dry Rubs

By Lyssa McKenry

Homemade dry rub recipes for grilling meat.

Two for Tea

By Lois Hoffman

Drinking tea is not only refreshing and comforting, it is also good for you!