Fish Fry Recipes

Cook up your catch of the day with these delicious fish fry recipes.

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Fried Cod is juicy and tender with a crispy breading.

Fishing is a favorite hobby for rural folks during the summer months – and even the winter months for those up North who enjoy ice fishing. It’s a pastime that offers the chance to slow down and enjoy the great outdoors, all while putting a healthy source of protein on the dinner table.

If you aren’t a big fan of the taste of fish, some types aren’t quite so “fishy” and have a milder flavor, including catfish and trout. Some say it helps temper the flavor by soaking fillets in equal parts water and vinegar for 30 minutes before cooking, or soaking fillets overnight in milk or buttermilk. You can also try mixing and matching herbs and spices to create a blend that your palate will enjoy. Fish readily takes on the flavor of whatever spice or herb you are cooking with, so you can season fillets to your liking.

Classic battered and fried fish pairs perfectly with a pile of crispy potatoes, or “chips” if you follow English tradition. And don’t forget the malt vinegar and some tartar sauce for dipping. If you prefer to eat fewer fried things, simple seasoned and baked fish can be just as delicious. A side of cool, creamy slaw and a few warm hush puppies completes the meal for a delicious plate that’s hard to resist.

Whether you do your fishing from a nearby river or lake, or from the pond on your own acreage, an old-fashioned fish fry is the perfect way to celebrate a successful day on the water. Enjoy!

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Kellsey Trimble grew up fishing ponds on her family’s land in northeast Kansas and some chilly rivers in Medicine Bow, Wyoming.

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