Machines and technology from rural America

Fabrics of Our Lives

By Lois Hoffman

We see it, use it every day — material. It is what our clothes, interior designs, and so many more things in our lives are made of. How they actually make the pattern in material is pretty fascinating.

Boil Water In Five Minutes

By Dave Canterbury and Jason A. Hunt

Get potable water in five minutes with these quick instructions.

Five Minute Shelter

By Dave Canterbury and Jason A. Hunt

Protect yourself from the elements with this quick shelter.

Deter Animals With an Electric Fence

By Ann Larkin Hansen

Protect your crops or livestock by setting an electric fence around your perimeter.


Put a Fork in It, You're Done

By Megan Wild

Similar to tractors, forklifts can be multi-task on the farm to make your life easier. Check out how one may benefit you.

Five Minute Fire

By Dave Canterbury and Jason A. Hunt

Make a fire in under five minutes with this easy guide.

Snow Removal Tips and Techniques for the Farm

With winter approaching, your tractor needs to be ready to face the elements. Consider some of these accessories to help your tractor tackle snow removal on the homestead.

How to Save on Fuel Costs on the Farm

By Megan Wild

Fuel costs can quickly impact your budget. Here's how to reduce equipment fuel costs on your homestead.