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Shear Your Own Sheep

 This article is also available in audio format.  Scroll down just a bit for the link and enjoy listening. For the past eight seasons (January through July in my neck of the woods), I’ve sheared thousands of sheep throughout Northern California, Washington, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, ...


Colostrum Keeps Baby Animals Healthy

While their cuteness is undisputed, baby animals are also incredibly vulnerable. In the fight to keep any sort of livestock alive, one of the most challenging times is right after birth. The world outside their mothers is full of dangers: predators, birth complications and disease. Anything you ...


Learn to Turn Natural Fibers into Yarn

Spinning natural fibers into yarn is an age-old art, practiced by people in nearly every culture. “Spinning” is simply twisting fibers together so they make a strong, usable cord. Many kinds of natural fibers can be spun: plant fibers such as cotton, nettle, linen, hemp, yucca; and ...


Sheep Herding Tips

In the early part of the last century, the job of shepherd was one of minimal status, but immense freedom. These often solitary souls would take a large flock from the winter ranch headquarters to the summer pastures — often at higher elevation — to spend the summer together. The ...


Guide to Sheep Breeds

People have been keeping flocks of sheep for as long as history has been written down – longer actually. Experts say sheep were first domesticated about 10,000 years ago in central Asia, but they weren’t favored for their hair. Instead, those early animals provided meat, milk and hides. ...

Raising Sheep With Traditional Farming Methods

For a small island, Great Britain certainly has more than its fair share of sheep. According to the National Sheep Association (NSA), there are thought to be more sheep breeds in the United Kingdom than in any other country in the world. Breeds like the Welsh Mountain sheep, the Border ...

Sheep Shelter Can Be Simple For Shepherds

There are things that you have to have to call yourself a shepherd: you, your sheep, some land and some fences. Everything else — buildings, handling systems, farming equipment, and all the other odds and ends you think you might need to raise sheep — can be done without. That’s right, ...

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