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Fall Fungi: Safely Forage and Prepare Autumn Mushrooms

When folks think of mushroom hunting, spring usually comes to mind, when forests are just starting to come alive. After a particular warm and wet spell, mushrooms seem to pop right before your eyes. The sometimes elusive morel is usually the prized treasure that lures most folks into the ...

Household Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cultivation relies on the basic principle of introducing an organism to a food source. Mushrooms and other fungi digest organic material and draw that nutrition to a reproductive structure that we call a “mushroom,” a fruiting body that’s the reproductive part of a fungus. The ...


Seek Chanterelles in Summertime

For me, a recent summertime excursion to find chanterelles soon became a revelation. Every spring, I search for yellow and black morels and relish consuming them in a variety of dishes. But the members of the New River Valley Mushroom Club, my hosts for that June day, began our outing by ...

9 Homemade Stew and Soup Recipes for Fall and Winter

Fall is a time of rejuvenation after the busy summer and spring seasons. Everything slows down in preparation for winter, from the garden to time spent outside and how we cook. We’re eager to have a simmering pot of stew on the stove, warming both heart and home. Slow-cooking allows for ...

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