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Small Backyard Gardening

  My wife and I subscribe to Grit and Mother Earth News, and we enjoy both. I’ve had co-workers who’ve asked me why I subscribe to such magazines, considering I live 1/8 mile from a downtown area of 45,000 people and have a small yard. But then I read Our View, and I realized that ...

Fall Turkey Hunting

Wee-wee-wee, yawk-yawk-yawk! Wee-wee-wee, yawk-yawk-yawk! I repeat this sound across the area with my mouth call. Almost immediately, I hear the same sounds reverberate from the Virginia mountainside above me. And shortly afterward, the calls erupt from the oak flat below me. Then, I hear the ...


Train Children to Hunt, Forage, and Identify Plants

Our world has never introduced more technology into our individual lives, offering our children so many roadblocks to natural learning. That's why it's so important that parents make a concentrated effort to train our children in almost-forgotten skills of plant identification, foraging and ...

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Healthy Aspects of Eating Venison

These days, we put a premium on organically produced meats, vegetables and fruits. Additionally, the locavore movement is sweeping across the nation as conscientious consumers look for ways to buy that rib-eye steak from the farmer down the road rather than take a chance on something they find ...

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