November/December 2016 Issue

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From the November/December 2016 issue:

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Beginner’s Guide to Whitetailed Deer Hunting
A beginner’s guide to whitetailed deer hunting and scouting in North America.

Beginner’s Guide to Canada Goose Hunting
Canada geese are a blast to hunt, they’re great-tasting game, and you might find easy access for Canada goose hunting from farming neighbors tired of having pastures and fields fouled.

Harvesting and Eating Acorns
Eating acorns is a nutritious dietary practice, and they are tasty little nutmeats if processed appropriately to remove tannic acids.

Growing Tobacco on a Small Scale
Take the taboo out of growing tobacco, and consider using it for natural pest control as well as many other uses.

Farming Apprenticeships
Find a farming apprenticeship to dip your toes into the water first before jumping. A farm apprenticeship can teach you valuable skills before taking on a farm of your own.

The Fats You Need for a Healthy Diet
Delicious news: You may want to bring bacon and butter back to your plate!

Mysterious Mulberries
Mulberry trees line the sides of country backroads and make for the perfect snack.

Restoring Old Barns
Deciding what to do with an old barn? Determine if it’s worth restoring or salvaging for lumber.

Expert Advice for Keeping Chickens in Winter
A seasoned chicken keeper from New England shares her tips for keeping chickens in winter and how to make your flock thrive.


Our View
Hunting: A Rite of Passage

Mail Call
Bird Dogs and Chicken Farming, Hardworking Childhood, Raising Keets with Chickens, Garden Produce, Tick Removal, Brooding Notes, Training Roosters

Friends & Neighbors
Build Raised Garden Beds from 55-Gallon Plastic Barrels & a DIY Loader Bucket Fence Post Driver from our friends at Farm Show.

GRIT Gazette:
Hometown Buzz

Environmental Health on the Farm
Wise Traditions with Weston A. Price
‘Green’ Dairy Products
Farm Grants for Sustainable Agriculture
Birding Night Hike

Gazette: Encourage Biodiversity with Ecological Farming
Maintain the health of your land for years to come when you think in terms of ecology.

Recipe Box: Easy Venison Recipes
These venison recipes use nutritious deer meat to make for some delicious meals.

Looking Back: Memories from the Pecan Orchard
Hard work in the pecan orchards led to great rewards at the holiday supper table.

Comfort Foods: Stuffing or Dressing?
Call it stuffing or dressing, this Thanksgiving dish has earned a permanent spot in the holiday spread.

Sow Hoe: 8 Cold-Frame Plans for Year-Round Gardening
Expand your growing season and upcycle local materials by building one (or a few!) of these inexpensive DIY cold frames.

In the Shop: Build a Basement Root Cellar
Storing crops in a passively cooled basement root cellar is one of the most efficient ways to preserve food.