Environmental Health on the Farm

Join the Practical Farmers of Iowa for a seminar on environmental health.

By GRIT staff

November/December 2016


Learn how behavior influences the health of your farm.

Photo courtesy Practical Farmers of Iowa

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WINTERSET, Iowa — Spend three days November 15 through 17 with renowned animal behaviorist Fred Provenza, exploring how behavior influences the health of the environment around you. In addition to discussing plant, animal and human behavior, Provenza will explore topics including epigenetics, plant diversity, and plant palatability. Hosted by Practical Farmers of Iowa, this event is free and includes breakfast and lunch each day. Check out the event page on Facebook at http://bit.ly/2cg7AVd, or contact Meghan Filbert at 515- 232-5661 and meghan@practicalfarmers.org.