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Making Hay By Hand: How to Use a Scythe

Originally published July/August 2012 Nothing so smells like summer more than a hayfield freshly mown. Even during winter when you break into those little bundles of summer sunshine, the scent will take you back — and the nutrition will help your flocks and herds thrive. Making hay is ...


Sheep Herding Tips

In the early part of the last century, the job of shepherd was one of minimal status, but immense freedom. These often solitary souls would take a large flock from the winter ranch headquarters to the summer pastures — often at higher elevation — to spend the summer together. The ...


How to Keep Farm Dogs Safe

It’s tough to imagine life out here without a dog or three around the place, but even in the country you’ll want to take care that your canine companions, whether working partners or pure pets, can live a relatively safe and happy life. The farm seems like an ideal location for dogs to live ...

Building A Kitchen Island Part 2: Working With Hand Tools

  For me, building a kitchen island with wood grown and milled into lumber on my farm is a labor of love. It's also slower than if I bought all the materials and didn't take the time to appreciate the process itself. In the Part 1, I reported on using my drill press to rough out the ...

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