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Bats: The Unseen Ally

Few animals in history have been so misunderstood and maligned as bats. For centuries, these flying mammals have been associated with evil and death, and reviled as carriers of disease. The media has perpetuated these myths, portraying them as frightening, bloodsucking, rabies-infested flying ...

Make Tough Jobs Easy: Water and Soil Conservation (Video)

There are many ways to conserve water and control soil erosion on your farm at the same time. Berms, Terraces, and ponds are just a few of the ways you can conserve soil and water with minimal financial investment and actually increase the value and productivity of you land. On acreage with ...

Make Tough Jobs Easy: Maintain Prairie Ecosystems (Video)

There was a time when much of this country was covered with vast grasslands called prairies. Prairie ecosystems are a complex matrix of grasses, broadleaf forbs, vertebrate and invertebrate animals, fungi and bacteria. Complex and beautiful, these ecosystems offer forage and wildlife cover ...

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