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Household Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cultivation relies on the basic principle of introducing an organism to a food source. Mushrooms and other fungi digest organic material and draw that nutrition to a reproductive structure that we call a “mushroom,” a fruiting body that’s the reproductive part of a fungus. The ...

How to Reduce Food Waste on the Homestead

Photo by Jenny Underwood I would absolutely love to tell you that I've completely eliminated food waste on our homestead, but unfortunately, that wouldn't be true. I have, however ,greatly reduced it and ultimately my goal is to continually do a better job. So how do you go about reducing ...

5 Essential Cost Savers to Boost Home Self-Reliance

The road to a more self-reliant lifestyle is a journey and if you are like me, you feel that although you may never reach 100% self-sufficiency, you will strive to become more so each day, month and year.  Here are some suggestions for things to help you along to becoming a more ...


Build a Compost Tumbler

Truth be told, our compost pile very rarely, if ever, gets turned. When it comes to the compost heap, my preferred method is to pile it up and let nature take its course, which it effectively does. Compost cures whether you turn the pile or not; it just happens at a slower pace when you leave ...


DIY Two-Bin Composter

All serious gardeners acknowledge the undeniable benefits of compost, and most maintain their own compost-bin system. If you want to join their ranks, you’ll need a system that can handle a large volume of material and allow easy access to finished compost. Serious gardeners tend to have lots ...


Using Crop Rotation To Keep Tomato Plants Healthy

I am about to bust all your crop-rotating hopes and dreams. I have bad news. I have experience. I have tomatoes. I have tried rotating. I have tried companion planting. I have top-dressed with loads of compost. I have have amended the beds. I have followed the rotational ...

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