More Than 40 Ways to Cook Eggs

Even though the shorter days of winter are well on their way here – meaning many backyard flocks will start to lay less – this doesn’t mean you have to give up that delicious treat all winter long; it just gives you more reason to make the most of the eggs you do have. So, here are our best recipes running the gamut of the wonderful things you can do with eggs. Does it get much better than a rustic cheese frittata at the breakfast or dinner table, particularly on a cold day? Or how about all those classic desserts, like New York-Style Cheesecake or Egg Custard Pie, that are so filling and comforting they seem tailor-made for this time of year? And for those of you who are so lucky as to keep your own flocks, we’ve even given you our best tips for managing your flock over the winter months, including techniques on how to boost egg production. Make this winter your best one yet for celebrating all things egg. Enjoy!

Egg Cookery Basics
Poached Eggs
How to Make a Hard Boiled Egg
Baked Eggs 
More Basic Egg Recipes

The Next Level
Rustic Cheese and Vegetable Frittata
Simple and Delicious Egg Salad Sandwich
Easy Bread Pudding 
Egg Custard Pie
Homemade Mayonnaise

Get the Most Out of Your Eggs This Winter
Cooking With Eggs: Recipes for Every Meal
Keeping Chickens in Winter
Caring for Your Eggs
Increase Egg Production From Chickens in Winter

Published on Oct 21, 2013

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