Basic Egg Recipes

Learn the basics of preparing poached eggs, baked eggs, omelets, cheese quiche and more.

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  • eggs benedict
    Check out this collection of egg recipes from the American Egg Board including this creamy eggs benedict.
    Photo Courtesy American Egg Board

  • eggs benedict

Making eggs can be as simple or as complicated as the person cooking the dish wants it to be, and often the simple recipes can be as involved as the more complex recipes.

Basic Poached Eggs Recipe
Basic Baked Eggs Recipe
How to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs
Oven-Scrambled Eggs Recipe
Basic Cheese Quiche Recipe
Basic Frittata Recipe
Make a Basic Cheese Soufflé
A Simple Breakfast Strata Recipe
Eggs Benedict Recipe
Egg Salad Recipe
Chocolate Soufflé Recipe
Soufflé Omelet Recipe 

So let’s take it back to the basics. Would you like to know how to perfect your poached eggs recipe? Or perhaps you want to serve up a beautifully baked egg and just aren’t sure how to do it.

Whether you’re a novice cook or you have years of experience, these basic recipes, courtesy of the American Egg Board, may hold the answers to your questions.

Learn how to poach an egg, scramble a couple of eggs in the oven, or hard-boil an egg without that ugly green tint. You can take your recipes back to the beginning and either relearn a complicated technique or take a bit of time to go over the basics and perfect a well-worn, well-loved and well-learned method of cooking one of nature’s most complete foods: the egg.

For even more information on how to best use your eggs visit Incredible!. For more great recipes, including cheese and dessert soufflés, read our article Cooking With Eggs: Recipes for Every Meal.

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