Toast on a Wood Stove

We heat our home with wood so in the winter (and many spring and fall mornings!) we make that stove do double duty by cooking on it as well. Breakfast was, for the most part, easy to fix. We just put the skillet on top of the stove and cooked our eggs, sausage, ham, bacon or whatever like we would on our gas range. The most difficult food to make was toast! 

We live completely off grid and our electric toaster did not make the move with us. We tried making it in the skillet but that didn’t work well unless we used gobs of butter. We tried it without butter and ended up with large croutons instead of toast! The toast was dry and/or misshapen with the outer edges cupped.  We tried lots of different ways without success until we hit on the method we use now.

The solution was simple once we stumbled across it.  Instead of laying the bread on top of a flat piece of foil we cut the foil larger and folded the top over the bread.  You’ll still need to flip the bread over but the resulting toast is excellent. The bread stays flat and doesn’t dry out as it did before. The finished product is better than we ever got from our electric toaster too.



Published on Jan 29, 2014

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