Varmint-Proof Garden Fence

Rex Gogerty, Hubbard, Iowa, recently sent FARM SHOW photos of the varmint-proof garden fence he and his sons put up. The 4-feet-high fence is buried 6 inches deep in the ground. There’s a layer of mulch on both sides of the fence, which smothers weeds and eliminates the need to get close with a mower.

The fence is adjacent to a barn that forms one side of the garden, which is about 50 feet long by 40 feet wide. The fence is made from galvanized chicken wire with openings that get smaller toward the bottom.

To install the fence, they used a rototiller to dig up the soil, then used a spade to scoop out a trench about 6 inches deep. The fence posts are spaced about 12 feet apart.

“It’s a more permanent approach than using an electric fence. We already had the posts and spent about $60 for the fence. We also installed a gate made from hog panel fence,” says Gogerty.

“My boys and I came up with the idea because we were having trouble with varmints and digging animals such as moles. Digging the fence into the ground a few inches solved the problem. It also discourages dogs and skunks. So far, no deer have jumped over it, but if deer ever became a problem, we could add an electric wire across the top. Also, in the past we’ve had cattle get out and trample the garden. This fence should keep them out.”

Reprinted with permission fromFARM SHOW Magazine.

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