The Pawpaw: A Southern Delicacy

| 10/20/2014 1:28:00 PM

Of Mice and Mountain MenI have, on several occasions, heard of a mysterious fruit called a pawpaw. On each occasion it was referred to as a Southern delicacy: a fruit tree whose papaya-shaped fruit have the consistency of custard inside a tough, thin-skinned pod and a vanilla-banana flavor.



Benny LaFleur holds two pawpaw fruit from his Del Rio farm.

One of my gardening mentors, Benny La Fleur, recently provided me with a pawpaw fruit to try. He grows them on his farm, along with many other wonderful things. As I had heard, it looks tropical: a greenish-yellow pod about 5 inches long with brown flecks. When cut open I found a soft fruit containing many large (an inch or more in length), brown, bean-like seeds. To me, the fruit tasted much like a banana crème pie, and was a welcome complement to our breakfast.


6/20/2016 11:06:14 AM

Thanks for the informative article. I grow pawpaws in south central Kansas. Bees rarely visit my pawpaw flowers. There is some kind of small fly that seems to be doing the pollination.

10/21/2014 6:38:28 AM

Allan, this is fascinating. I heard the song when I was a child and also heard back then of "Pawpaw Pie" from older relatives. Somehow I thought pawpaws were like sage apples--inedible. Good to see pawpaws are making a comeback. Thanks for your informative research.