Hard Cider Experiment

| 8/13/2014 9:22:00 AM

Acorn and ThistlePart librarian, part mad scientist – I’m definitely a hands-on learner. When something catches my interest, there are usually two phases that follow: The first being the research phase, where I read as much as I can about a subject, until I feel I’ve got a grip of the basics. Phase 2 is where I jump in with both feet, learning by doing. I take what I’ve read and get right to it; sometimes I make mistakes, but I still typically have a great time doing so.

A couple of years ago, I was bitten by the fermentation bug. I think it started with making yogurt, then I moved up to pickled carrots, sauerkraut followed shortly thereafter … fast forward to today, where I ferment all sorts of veggies and keep crocks of sourdough starter and kombucha tea happily fermenting away on my countertop at all times. So, it made perfect sense that I’d get the home brewing itch, sooner or later.

I attended a class on the basics of home brewing beer back in June, which cemented the idea that this would be my next area of exploration. The one thing holding me back was the cost - to brew my own beer, I’d need to fork out a bunch of money not just for supplies, but for ingredients as well. No, I needed some way to get my feet wet, without spending a fortune up front.


Enter the apples. We have four apple trees that dump loads and loads of fruit on us, every year. This is a particularly good year for them, whether due to the weather itself or to the fact that we let the trees go a little wild, I don’t know, but I knew I needed to come up with a plan to start dealing with that glut before it arrived. I still have jars of pie filling and applesauce left over from last year, so I really didn’t feel like canning much more than some apple butter. Think, think, think…

Apples Press