Homemade Draft Cider Recipe

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Enjoy this easy to brew crisp draft apple cider in the comfort of your home. It pairs well with Asian inspired cuisine.
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“The Joy of Brewing Cider, Mead, and Herbal Wine: How to Craft Seasonal Fast-Brew Favorites at Home” by Nancy Koziol guides readers through home brewing cider, mead, and herbal wine in simple, easy to follow steps. Readers learn about ethical consumption, sustainable farming and the science of fermenting all while waiting a matter of weeks for the brews to be complete.

Homemade Draft Cider Recipe

Level: Novice


Follow the basic recipe with the following modifications:

  1. Use sweet apples with low acidity. Most grocery store varieties meet this standard. See The Anatomy of Cider for ideas.
  2. Do not carbonate.
  3. Do not add any extra sugars.
  4. Keep the ABV below 6%

Pairing Suggestions:

Entrée: Chinese, Indian, or other Asian takeout or homemade food

Charcuterie Board: Serrano ham, bacon, Camembert, apple slices (especially the same apples as fermented in your cider), wasabi peas, macadamia nuts, maple syrup

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Excerpted with permission from The Joy of Brewing Cider, Mead, and Herbal Wine: How to Craft Seasonal Fast-Brew Favorites at Home (Skyhorse Publishing, 2018) by Nancy Koziol. Koziol’s book guides readers through trying their hands at home brewing. Broken into 3 sections including: mead, cider, and herbal wine readers learn about basic equipment they’ll need, ingredients, and step by step instructions to achieving different homemade brews. Readers have the opportunity to try simple honey mead, apple or pear cider, or a wine from herbs foraged in your backyard, all of which are brewed in a matter of weeks instead of months.Nancy Koziol is a lover of all sorts of fermented drinks: wine, beer, cider. She began writing about wine for two emerging wine blogs: Winedom: The Wine Dominion and Wine Turtle. She has also traveled extensively through various wine-producing climates touring, tasting, and learning. She works in Digital Marketing as chief content writer for a small firm and is working toward her first fiction publication. Nancy lives in Bennington, Vermont with her husband, two dogs, a cat, and a lot of beer. Copyright 2018 by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

Brewing Natural Mead

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