Is There A Bear In My Genes?

By Jane M
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Happens every year about this time. The trees start to show some color and the farmers are taking the beans off the field. I start preparing for winter. I have tried for years to control these winter panic attacks. But taking down the hummingbird feeders, putting the garden to bed, stacking hay and gathering buckets just add fuel to the fire. It all sounds like chores that need to get finished. But it is the urgency at which I rush to carry out these projects. In the back of my mind the snow is coming at any moment. And I need to be prepared. Similar to a bear trying to put on as much fat as possible. Like Yogi, who needs to find a den, I need to get the house, barn and pantry ready for the first big blow. I guess somewhere in my families DNA we got a little bear spliced in. Next it’s removing the screens off the windows, getting the fruit trees trimmed and heaters put in the water tanks. When will that first blizzard hit and will I get my reindeer in the front yard or the wreath on the chicken coop. All big questions that I don’t have an answer for. It doesn’t matter that Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived. All the bed comforters are hung out on the line for what could be the last time of the year. At the store I begin picking up extra bags of flour and sugar for holiday baking. The silly part of this whole scenario is that we really haven’t been snowed in around here since the big storm of 1976. So I have no clue what possesses me to be this way. As I squirrel away extra gloves and hats and buy another pair of muck boots.

Photo by Fotolia/perfectlab

But when the winter does hit, I am ready. I have plenty of cookies baked. A freezer full of veggies and meat for those chilly nights.And just like a bear, I will put on a couple of extra pounds to keep me warm. I’m not going to worry about that. Anticipating the addition of long underwear or wool sweaters that will cover it up till the thaw. The snow shovels are out and ready to go, and the hose is put away and the chickens coop is insulated. So I’m ready for anything. Only thing missing is the snow.