Calling All Farmers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is calling for farmers and ranchers to sign up to receive payments for conservation activities from the Conservation Security Program (CSP). The sign-up period lasts through May 17.

This program helps farmers undertake sustainable practices that protect soil and water quality (such as erosion control). Farmers in more than 300 watersheds across the country are currently enrolled. The CSP is one of the most important conservation programs from the 2002 Farm Bill. For watersheds eligible for the 2008 program, visit www.NRCS.USDA.gov/programs/csp/CSP_2008/2008_CSP_WS.html.

The CSP is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance to promote the conservation and improvement of soil, water, air, energy, plant and animal life, and other conservation purposes on tribal and private working lands. Working lands include cropland, grassland, prairie land, improved pasture, and rangeland, as well as forested land incidental to an agriculture operation. The program is available in all 50 states, the Caribbean area and the Pacific Basin area. The program provides equitable access to benefits to all producers, regardless of size of operation, crops produced or geographic location.

For more information, visit the Web site at www.NRCS.USDA.gov/programs/csp/

Published on Apr 22, 2008

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