Beulahs Tips for Keeping Goats in the Fence

Reader Contribution by Heather Jackson
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Hellooooooooo! Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow here! I’ve heard the farmers say that unless a fence can hold water, it can’t hold goats either. Well, around here, that seems to be true, as the farmers are constantly chasing goats back into our pasture from one side or the other. Today I wanted to share with you a couple of tips for keeping your goats in the fence. Maybe my farmers will even read it and finally be able to keep the goats where they belong!

1. Buy good fencing. Don’t try to make do with barbed wire. Goats need good sturdy fencing, and if they have horns, make sure your holes are too small for them to get their heads stuck in. We wouldn’t want the little boogers getting stuck! They make an awful racket and it puts the farmers all in a tizzy.

2. Use electric fencing when necessary. If you have goats that you just can’t keep in the fence, you may need to look at running a “hot wire” or two. (But if you have a very loquacious cow, I would recommend keeping the “hot wire” away from her.)

3. Don’t put anything goats could climb on too close to the fence. This includes hay. They will just climb right up and jump over. Hee hee! You should have seen the day the farmers realized the goats were jumping into their vegetable garden!

4. Keep a close eye on your goats.  If you think they are getting out, keep an extra close watch so that you can repair any weak spots in your fence as soon as possible. A goat can turn a weak spot into a hole big enough for a cow to get through pretty quickly. Just sayin’


5. Consider the breed.  I don’t know if it is universal or not, but the full sized breeds here at Green Eggs and Goats are much less likely to attempt escape than the dwarf goats. Who knows if they are just contain less mischief or if they just don’t fit through the holes as well, but that is how it works around here. Of course I’m big and full of mischief, but I’m not a goat, so this clearly doesn’t apply to me!

So, there you have it! A cow’s list of how to keep a goat in the pasture. If you enjoyed this list, please be sure to sign up for Beulah’s Moooooosletter so that you can get all the weekly Green Eggs & Goats news from a cow’s perspective!

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