Wabbits…Wonderful Wabbits

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Yes, we have rabbits.

In an effort to save a dying breed, the American Silver Fox, we have created quite the dynasty.

They adorn our property in bundles of bunnies.

Black ones, white ones, black and white ones, grey ones.

All shapes and sizes.

We started out with a couple, housed in our barn in rabbit cages, many years ago.

We felt they would be better as free-rangers.

So we let them go, but continued to feed them, and care for them when necessary.

Beginning with the black “American Silver Fox”, but then adding the white Californians.

A hearty meat breed with beautiful fur.

And through the process, we’ve added a couple others in the mix, producing even more of a variety.

We’ve seen a few wild rabbits come for a visit now and then.

But the silver-tipped Silver Fox is thriving, as was our goal.

And who can resist an adorable bunny … especially when they number in the dozens.

The Lord provides.  Mission accomplished.

Until tomorrow, God willing.