Story Time with Elly

Reader Contribution by Becky And Andy
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Elly and I were telling stories outside on the deck this morning while we ate homemade donuts and lounged in the shade. One in particular seemed to have enough substance that I just had to type it out as she dictated. The following is called:

City: Viroqua
[Mom’s note: I have no idea how this pertains to the actual story, but this is what she insisted it be called]

Once there was a family of horses. There was a baby, a sister and a mom and dad horse. One day they were walking out in the woods. They found a path and they thought it was a horse at the end of the path, but it was a lion! They ran away as fast as they could back home, but the lion was too fast. The horses ran right into the door of their house and hid inside. The lion jumped on the roof of the house and broke it! The horse family jumped out the window and ran to the wood place and bought wood and screws and came back home. They fixed the roof with wood and screws because it was only made of blankets before and wasn’t strong enough. When the house was fixed, the horses asked the lion if he needed something to eat and drink and he just sat there thinking about it. Suddenly he ran back to his own house and ate and drank. Then a beautiful rainbow came out.

The End

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