Toro® XTRA SMART™ Precision Soil Moisture Sensor Soaks Up Accolades

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When Toro unveiled the new XTRA SMART™ PRECISION™ Soil Moisture Sensor at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the irrigation industry took notice. Eleven months later, the XTRA SMART Soil Sensor continues to capture the attention — and praise — of journalists and homeowners alike.

The XTRA SMART Soil Sensor is the first wireless moisture sensor introduced into the residential irrigation market. This sensor utilizes the same commercial-grade sensing technology found at famous sports venues like Rose Bowl Stadium, Target Field (home of the Minnesota Twins) and Pebble Beach Golf Links. The XTRA SMART Soil Sensor allows homeowners to know how much moisture is in the soil beneath their lawn. If adequate moisture levels are present, the XTRA SMART Soil Sensor prevents the sprinkler system from turning on; conversely, if there’s a moisture deficiency, the sensor will allow the system to deliver water to the lawn. This automated control prevents wasteful over-watering and damaging under-watering, and saves up to 35% on their annual exterior water usage.

“Many homeowners have no idea how much water they’re wasting on their yards,” said Alexis Bookman, product marketing manager for Toro Irrigation. “The XTRA SMART Soil Sensor really delivers a peace of mind to homeowners in knowing they’re saving water and money, all while maintaining a beautiful yard.”

In April, during the National Hardware Show, Toro was one of only 11 companies honored with a Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award. Handy Magazine also designated the XTRA SMART Soil Sensor with its annual Innovations Award, acknowledging breakthrough technology for home and lawn care products. Additionally, while at the Irrigation Association Show in November, Toro earned yet another designation as the show’s New Product Contest Winner for the Turf/Landscape category.

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