Life in the Slow Lane

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What’s life like as we approach the end of summer on Red Pine Mountain?

Day after day of beautiful weather finds Mountain Man working on one project after another. He’s started making closet doors for the house in the Ozarks.

And he just finished a vanity made out of our pine for a house here in Vermont. First coat of oil is on.

He’s digging holes for permanent fencing around our barn with horsey advice of course.

Should it go here?

Or what about here?

Mountain Man digs all his post holes the old fashioned way leading Cash and Flower to wonder if he is employing the proper technique.

While waiting for Mountain Man to return with cement, Cash and Khrysta share a kiss;

before Cash leaves for the important job of supervising Mountain Man. “Why did you get all these hay burners?” Mountain Man wonders.

“Well done Mountain Man.  You can leave now.”

And me. Well, I’ve been hanging out in the Poultry Palace (named not because it it a fancy coop but because of the amount of yard Mountain Man dedicated to the project)  I watch my turkeys leap to new heights.

And discover guineas believe the grass truly is greener on the other side of the fence.

The phrase “eat like a bird” has taken on an entirely new meaning.

I think we have a rooster in the flock but shh, don’t tell Mountain Man who is determined all roosters must go.

And the day would not be complete without a hike in the woods with the dogs.

And so it is on Red Pine Mountain as summer draws to a close; beautiful in its simplicity, rich in experience. And that is why I love living life in the slow lane.

Mountain Man and Mountain Woman can always be found at Red Pine Mountain.