September/October 2016 Issue

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From the September/October 2016 issue:

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Using the right equipment and techniques are critical elements to safe tree felling.

On-Farm Pig Processing
It takes an emotional toll, but pig slaughter and butchering a pig on the farm ensures the farmer she knows from exactly where her meat came. In the old days, pig processing was a family-oriented, community chore.

The Dehydrated Pantry
Choose the best food dehydrator for your needs for drying fruits, vegetables and meats.

Farm-to-Table Fare
Four steps to navigate and grow your farm business into the world of farm to fork dinners and on-farm food services.

Unlikely Allies
More than just pollinators, wasps and hornets are actually beneficial insects.

The Seasonal Grind
Stockpiling, canning, haying, and installing the storm windows was a continuous process when preparing for winter.

Hardworking Worms
Increase the number of earthworms in your garden for more vibrant and prolific plants.

Spent Grains for Livestock Feed
Turn brewers’ spent grains into filling and nutritious livestock feed.


Our View
New Life & Old Habits

Mail Call
Rural Ingenuity, Back to the Basics, Draft-Horse Mowing, Cranky Roosters, Makin’ Bacon, Covered Bridges

Friends & Neighbors
Triple Calf Feeder & a DIY Loading Attachment for a Garden Tractor from our friends at Farm Show.

GRIT Gazette:
Hometown Buzz

On-Farm Crop Breeding
Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello
Terhune Orchards Apple Day
Making Goat Milk Soap
Prater’s Mill Country Fair

Not Fenced In
Young farming couple starts a fencing side business to help make ends meet with supplementary income.

Comfort Foods: Any Way You Slice It
Make a delicious dessert with these made-from-scratch pie recipes.

American Heirlooms: Green and Red Sweet Peppers
Along with your favorite heirloom tomatoes, give these modern varieties a try.

Recipe Box: Fresh Fish!
Cook up your catch of the day with these delicious fish fry recipes.

Sow Hoe: The Perks of Pear Trees
Pear trees pair well with your growing space and taste buds.

In the Shop: Chugalug Chickens
Using these DIY automatic chicken waterer plans for an 8-station hydrator, you’ll never change another chicken waterer again – at least not daily.

In the Wild: On the Rebound
The bobwhite quail, for reasons we can finally begin to understand, are making a comeback.

Pasture Walks: Best-Laid Plans
Hank puts his farm plans into action after a few changes.