November/December 2014 Issue

By Staff

From the November/December 2014 issue:

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Decoding Our Food Supply
What do those food labels really mean?

Grow Cover Crops for the Best Garden Soil
If you want to grow a lot of food, think of beneficial cover crops as essential to your garden.

Setting Solid Supports
Tools and tips for planting posts for any use.

Making (Ever)Green
Start your own business growing and selling trees for the holiday season.

Staying Connected Out in the Sticks
Technology keeps improving to allow a country household to connect to the ‘Net.

Feeling a Little Sheepish?
Here are some fun facts ewe might be interested in.

Reducing Stress in Livestock
Give your animals a high-quality life for the best results. 


Our View
Something in the AirWhile the goldenrod is often blamed, most commonly hay fever cases are a matter of a ragweed allergy.

Mail Call 
Playhouse to Henhouse; Pirating Crabapples; Canning Jars; Long History; Family Magazine; Repurposed Stock Tanks; Picking Morels; Hay Days

Friends & Neighbors
Corn Maze and a Moving DIY Scarecrow from our friends at Farm Show.

From GRIT Gazette:
Hometown Buzz

Women in Agriculture
Gardens for Health
Grain Bin Rescue Training
Rural Community Development Grants
Growing Apple Trees
Sustainable Agriculture Conference

Good News for Traditional American Cider
Heritage apple varieties are the only way to go for a sweet or tart cup of cider.

Heart of the Home: Homemade Holidays
Readers share memories of celebrating the holidays with made-from-scratch items.

Comfort Foods: All Hail the Winter Squash
It’s that time of year when those glorious, delicious orbs in all shapes, sizes and colors beckon.

American Heirlooms: Heirloom Apples Hold Worldwide Appeal
Learn more about these delicious and unusual varieties.

Recipe Box – Candies: A Holiday Hit
Homemade treats add a tasty, decorative flair to any of the season’s meals and parties.

Sow Hoe: Don’t Balk on Stalks
Some gardeners say that celery can be a finicky plant to grow, but it’s easy when you know the secrets.

In the Wild: Grace on the Wing
Attract the beautiful barn swallow around your home for entertainment and insect control.

Country Tech: Home Gunsmithing Made Easy
Save loads of money by performing routine cleaning and maintenance on your firearms.

In the Shop: Homemade Gift Ideas
12 inexpensive, simple DIY gift-giving ideas for the holidays.