November-December 2013

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From the November/December 2013 issue:

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Planting Square by Square
Square-foot gardening can simplify the growing process and help train the grower’s focus, eliminating the overwhelming feeling that some folks face each year.

How to Shear Sheep
An illustrated map to harvesting hair. 

Finding Your Edge
The right knife will help you stay safe and accomplish more around your place. 

Our (Pseudo) Guard Llama
With only one charge to protect, this menagerie’s unorthodox guard llama is still part of the fun.

The Cattail’s Nine Lives

Keep them in check, and this farm-pond classic can be a wonderful resource.

Rural Free Delivery
How the postal service came to serve its customers out in the country.

A guide to buying and caring for your first horse.


Our View: Gardening Passion

Mail Call: November-December 2013
Minnesota Sighting; Missouri Cougars; Big Cat Accounts; Tomato Mystery; Farming in the Suburbs; High on the Hog; Wonder Bean; Where There’s a Will; Tapping In

Friends & Neighbors: Giant Composter Made From Old Cement Mixer and Bee Supplier Builds Attractive Hives
From our friends at Farm Show     

From GRIT Gazette: 

Hometown Buzz
Tie One On DayInspiring Physicians to Join Rural PracticesAg-Centric Charter School in KansasThe Livestock Conservancy

Heirloom Tomatoes Celebrated at Chicago Festival
Chicago Botanic Garden devotes one summer weekend each year to celebrate and promote heirloom tomatoes.

Heart of the Home: Winter Wonderland Adventures
Readers recall snowstorm memories with excitement and apprehension. 

Comfort Foods: Celebrate the Bounty of the Wild
Spice up your fish and game repertoire with these tried-and-true recipes.

Looking Back: Nature’s Treasures … Lifetime Gifts
A walk in the woods lends perspective to the important things in rural life.

American Heirlooms: Plants Called Pumpkins
When you enjoy gourds in the fall, are pumpkins really among them?

Recipe Box: Eat Lentils for Good Luck
Holiday meals featuring lentils and herring are traditions in cultures around the world. What’s the tradition in your household?

In The Shop: Build a Predator-Proof, Portable Chicken Coop
This low-cost coop plan makes raising backyard chickens easier for just about anyone. 

Country Tech: A Chain to Grind
Choosing the right equipment goes a long way toward prolonging chainsaw life and ensuring user safety.

Sow Hoe: Making Good Mulch
Protect, enrich, and maintain the health of your garden and soil with mulch for this season and beyond.

In the Wild: Sly as a Fox
The red fox easily adapts to its environment and can be found across the globe.

The Right Thing: Neighbors Helping Neighbors
When a gardening duo is kept from their plot, their appreciative neighbors lend a hand with harvesting the bounty.