New Minute, New Hour, New Day, New Year

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I cannot honestly say that I am excited about 2010. There is no particular reason either. I am not stuck in a 2009 holding pattern waiting rather impatiently for something big to break. I am not anticipating the best year ever wherein I will lose weight, strengthen my spiritual relationship, completely renovate my home to off-grid status, grow a record crop or even get that big promotion always taunting me from just in front of my reach. So why waste your time, my time and the typing effort to say all that? Because this year I am doing something different. This year I am celebrating a new day for 365 days, AND I DARE YOU TO DO IT TOO!

That’s right. No more micro-focus or even macro-focus. I am going to focus on the task at hand, the day I am living in and the things I can change here and now.

When I can save a little money, I am going to. That means less eating out, less snacking and less frivolous spending. I think that might help me in my goal to lose a little unneeded weight. We all know less bread and fewer fried foods means lower blood sugar levels and reduced concern about cholesterol and blood pressure.

When I can give things away I will. We often have a dozen or more eggs just “waiting” in the fridge. When there is someone who can use them they are going to get them – free of charge. I think that will go a long way in strengthening my spiritual relationship in that I worship best when in the midst of service acts or acts of giving.

I guess what I am saying is that for 365 days I am going to celebrate the new year organically allowing things to grow out of need, passion, desire and availability. With a pure heart I think each thing will flow into the next and before I know it I will have embraced what I have secretly known for several years. I am blessed. Odom’s Idle Acres is blessed. Let each new day be about pouring that blessing out!