March/April 2016 Issue

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From the March/April 2016 issue:

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Here’s Your Sign
Rural folklore for planting times and more can leave a gardener’s head spinning.

Helpful Hoop Houses
Extend your growing season by months with an inexpensive do-it-yourself hoop house.

Our Roots Are Boots
Made for working, not walking, here’s your guide to the best boots for rural America.

Spinach Success
Learn how to grow a healthy harvest of spinach that won’t bolt on you.

Plant a Jeffersonian Garden
Thomas Jefferson’s legacy extended far beyond the political offices of Washington.

Rural Bridges of America’s Back Roads
A tribute to the structures that made life easier and safer for our ancestors.

Backyard Quail Basics
Not incredibly different from raising backyard chickens, quail will have you harvesting eggs and meat in no time – and their calls are cool too!


Our View
Roll On (First editorial column from new Editor-in-Chief, Caleb Regan!)

Mail Call 
Tribute to Dad; Moving On; Building ‘The Hovel’; Grinding Grains; Pastured Pigs Correction; Hopped Up

Friends & Neighbors
DIY Small-Scale Honey Extractor from our friends at Farm Show.

GRIT Gazette:
Hometown Buzz

Hoop House Brings Fresh Food to Low-Income Families
Small Farm Conference
Easement Programs
Thompson’s Mills State Heritage Site
Audubon of Kansas Conference
Backyard Chicken Keeping Course

A Well-Oiled Machine
How one grower turns used cooking oil into a heat source for cultivating herbs, vegetables and more year-round.

Comfort Foods: Cooking With Wild Foods
Add nutrition and flavor to favorite recipes with fresh-picked foods from the forest.

American Heirlooms: Springtime Spears
Build a bed of asparagus and reap the rewards for years to come.

Recipe Box: Irish Eats
Go beyond the green food dye and try these deliciously simple dishes for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

Sow Hoe: Sprout Some Spuds
Potatoes are a vegetable garden classic – big yields, easy to grow, and they’ll eat well with dang-near anything.

In the Shop: A Cedar Log Bed Fit for a King
You don’t need to be an expert woodworker to fashion yourself a homemade bed frame out of the timber on your acres.

Looking Back: The Dunked Skunk
Stinker’s dip in the family water supply leads to a few changes in daily routine.

In the Wild: Turkey Hunting 101
Chasing gobblers during spring is a favorite pastime of rural Americans. Check out our beginner’s guide for some tips to get you started.

Country Tech: Off-Road Options – ATVs
Choices are seemingly endless for country folks in the market for rough-and-tumble rigs.