July-August 2016

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From the July/August 2016 issue:

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Direct Composting Done Easy
Use direct composting, and discover the simple way to feed your garden.

Cover Your Bases
Working cover crops into your crop rotation schedule will help clean the soil while fixing nutrients for better yields.

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation
Pull off your own kitchen remodel for less than $1,000, with smartly sourced supplies and a little DIY know-how.

Ticked Off
Don’t let the fear of a tick bite stand in the way of getting outside this summer. From Tick removal tips to identification and understanding their life cycle, understanding helps prevention.

Moles & Voles
Unseen and uninvited, moles and voles can disrupt our landscapes.

Fermentations for the Flock
Fermented chicken feed provides many benefits to improving chicken health.


Our View
Summer Strawberries

Mail Call 
Barn Quilts; Tomato Love; Grit and Determination; Gooseberry Correction; Good Samaritans; Covered Bridges

Friends & Neighbors
Harvesting Hay With Mini Horses & a Labor-Saving Firewood Pallet System from our friends at Farm Show.

GRIT Gazette:
Hometown Buzz

Monticello Let’s Go Cook
Preserving the Harvest
Cover Crop Conference
Pastured Poultry Production
Farm Workshop for Women

Feeding Neighbors
The Green Urban Lunch Box community garden tours the town with a mobile greenhouse.

Comfort Foods: Serve It Up Fresh
Whip up these quick summer recipes with fresh-from-the-garden produce.

American Heirlooms: “New” Old Tomatoes
Along with your favorite heirloom tomatoes, give these modern varieties a try.

Recipe Box: Fired Up for Summer
These recipes for outdoor cooking are perfect when camping or grilling.

In the Shop: Pallet Wood to Pot Rack
Step-by-step instructions for converting a wood pallet into a DIY pot rack made for holding planted and grafted trees in place.

Country Tech: Augers and Drilling Tools
Get expert advice on choosing augers and other drilling tools for projects around your farm that require drilling into the earth down to the frost line.

In the Wild: Eagles of America
While making a comeback from the endangered species list, these beautiful birds of prey have remained symbols of strength and courage.

Looking Back: Leap Into the Heap
The hay bales of today don’t provide as much fun as the large loose haystacks of yesteryear.