July-August 2014

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From the July/August 2014 issue:

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Bootstrapping a CSA Operation
Community Supported Agriculture is a win for those seeking locally grown produce as well as for small-scale growers.

Leaves of Grass: A Guide to Hay Selection
Determining the best forage options for your livestock can make or break your animals during the winter months.

How Much Does a Garden Really Grow?
How one gardener cut nearly $500 off her grocery bill with suburban vegetable gardening.

Fence Posts to Blog Posts
Use online resources to help market your niche farm business and earn money writing.

Take a Seat, Beat the Heat
Cool facts to help you cope with summer’s extreme temperatures.

A Tree for All Seasons
Color your backyard with this prolific flowering beauty, and bask in its brilliance all year long.

Clearing Ground With Goats
Your ruminanats will do a bang-up job, with little to no waste.


Our View
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Mail Call 
Baling Hay; Sharing Trade Secrets; Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe; Newfound Love of Vegetable; Remembering Tomatoes; Blogger Tees; Grateful; Former Delivery Boy; Another Cast-Iron Tip

Friends & Neighbors
Stay-At-Home Mom Runs a Poultry Business and Old Engine Block Makes Sturdy Workbench Base
From our friends at Farm Show

From GRIT Gazette:
Hometown Buzz

Heritage Creek Farm Camp
Laramie Jubilee Days
August is Tree Check Month
Permaculture Prep
Veteran Community
Ruffled Feathers

Going Mobile to Stay Local

Comfort Foods: Cooking With Fish
Seafood is packed with health benefits and, despite popular belief, easy to cook.

American Heirlooms: Give Heirloom a Chance
Growing older varieties of cantaloupe and muskmelon will add flavor and an amazing aroma to your meals.

Recipe Box: A Fool-Proof Lemon Pie
Manufacturer prints the perfect lemon meringue pie on its cornstarch box.

Country Tech: How to Choose the Right Utility Vehicle
Looking for a UTV? Check out GRIT’s buying guide for the latest scoop.

Sow Hoe: Basil at Its Best
Enjoy fresh rewards all summer long by growing this herb in your garden.

In the Shop: Build an Outdoor Cooking Area
Create your outdoor cooking feature, and make it the focal point of all your backyard gatherings.