January/February 2015 Issue

By Staff

From the January/February 2015 issue:

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Rocket Mass Heater
Heating with wood the ultra-efficient yet unconventional way.

Let Legumes Anchor Your Crop Rotation
Add nitrogen back into the soil for healthier plots and bigger bounties.

Horn in on Goat Knowledge
Well-known and little-known facts about one of America’s favorite farm animals.

Bear-Proofing the Homestead
Take every measure to prevent the encounter that no one wants.

6 Tools to Tame Winter
Get equipped to handle the coming snow and ice.

A Barn You Can Bank On
Efficient design allows the farmer to maximize the use of both levels of a structure.

Why Ducks?
Well-suited to the small homestead, the quack pack offers a versatile set of skills that serve multiple aspects on the family farm.

Truckin’ and Cluckin’
Tips for transporting birds, from a resourceful and handy chicken-raising homesteader who’s been there before. 


Our View
Keep the Home Fires BurningHeating with a wood burning stove is the only way to go at Editor-in-Chief Hank Will’s Osage County, Kansas farmhouse..

Mail Call 
Stinging Hay Memories;  Chicken Feeder; Squirrel Bowl; Cheap Chicken Remedy; More Food in a Can; Canning Memories; Recycle, Reuse; Broody Chickens and Egg Eaters; Sharing a Recipe

Friends & Neighbors
Wood-Cutting Rig and a DIY Garden Waterer from our friends at Farm Show.

From GRIT Gazette:
Hometown Buzz

Sustaining the Family Farm
Lettuce Days
EcoFarm Conference
Leopold Center Grants
Growing Cities
Kansas Women’s Environmental Network

Gleaners Harvest Hope in Fields
Nationwide volunteer efforts move excess produce, that would otherwise go to waste, to U.S. food banks.

Comfort Foods: The Chocolate Lover’s Garden
Combining fresh produce straight from your garden with the best chocolate doesn’t seem like it would work, but the possibilities are endless and delicious.

Heart of the Home: DIY Farmstead Projects
Readers share stories of their adventures in building.

Looking Back: Harvesting Flashback
How can riding a modern state-of-the-art combine take you back half a century?

Recipe Box: Creating an Heirloom Cookbook
Recipes and photographs from family and friends add the personal touch to a sure-to-be-treasured book.

American Heirlooms: Peas in a Pod
Heirloom varieties add color to your plot and delicious flavor to your table.

Sow How: Insider Tips for Starting Seed Indoors
Understanding the biology will help avoid wasting money on unnecessary equipment while ensuring superior yields.

In the Shop: DIY Garden Trug
Make a handmade harvest basket for collecting your garden’s bounty.

Country Tech: 6 Must-Have Kitchen Tools
Every homesteading homemaker, whether rural or urban, needs these work- and money-saving gadgets.

In the Wild: Managing Your Land for Wildlife
Learn how to dedicate your land to wildlife conservation efforts.