Gone Fishin'

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I would like to have some clever “how to” or an amazing “look what I did” to post, but the truth is, I just don’t.  I have been terribly busy not planting a garden, and entertaining a tribe of children while school’s out.  Finally, in desperation, like any good back-to-the-lander, I just threw up my hands in frustration, grabbed a fishing pole and a little boy and drove out to our favorite fishin’ hole.

There we spent 2 days casting, reeling in and not worrying whether we caught anything or not.  I found it particularly relaxing to just sit and stare across the glassy lake, breathing deeply of the surrounding pines.  My son split his time between casting and reeling, and rock scrambling on the shore.  After awhile he found it quite amusing to walk out into waist deep water to cast, then he brought his chair out into the water to sit.

We relieved the environment of 3 large crawdads, my son’s first catch. 😉  They seem partial to the big fat nightcrawlers from our worm farm.   Now we’re back and ready to face another week of whatever comes.  Maybe we’ll even get in a little late gardening…