E-zy.net Introduces New Industrial Strength Wireless EZ-Bridge System

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 BLUFFDALE, UTAH – E-zy.net is proud to announce the release of the latest product in the line of EZ-BridgeLT™ high power outdoor wireless systems. The complete system is available in either 2.4GHz or 5GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum providing real world throughput up to 20 Mb/sec.

With the EZ-BridgeLT™ you can now wirelessly share time-saving data between your home, barn, and workers in the field. With a simple plug and play solution, you can connect your entire farm to make your day-to-day activities more efficient. You no longer have to run back and forth to send an email, Google something, or to check the news.

“The extra protection from lightning strikes and power line surge protection makes this version of EZ-Bridge™ one of our best systems ever,” said Rick Thomas, sales and marketing manager. “The industrial strength makes this the perfect wireless network connector for heavy duty usage. The ability to link multiple buildings in a wireless setting has tremendous application for personal and business use.”

The new EZ-BridgeLT™ creates a transparent wireless bridge between two networks up to 3 miles apart with good line of sight. 

*MSRP Starting at $199

About e-zy.net

e-zy.net designs and manufactures both short and long range high speed wireless communications products.
The company’s indoor and outdoor WLAN products are standards based to insure interoperability. In addition to a line of standard 802.11 products, e-zy.net also develops customized wireless products to meet specific OEM customer requirements.

Headquartered in Veria, Greece, e-zy.net also has offices and warehouse facilities in the USA and representatives worldwide.
For more information on e-zy.net, please contact e-zy.net at 801-432-0098 or visit the Web site at http://ez-bridge.com or http://www.e-zy.net 

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