January-February 2014 Issue

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From the January/February 2014 issue:

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Freezing Temperatures and Extreme Weather on The Farm
Winter months and freezing temperatures provide new winter chores on the farm along with time for new skills like woodworking, and for garden planning and ordering seeds for sale.

All About Cast Iron Cookware
What you need to know to get started with cast iron cookware.

Brothers Raise Free Range Eggs on Large Scale
Through hard work and dedication, two brothers are able to turn their family farm into a home business for large-scale free range eggs.

All About Herding Dogs
Tips and advice on how to choose the perfect herding dogs for your farm, family and livestock out of the long list of herding breeds that exist within American agriculture.

Drought-Tolerant Plants for Dry Climates
Drought-tolerant plants are perfect for those gardeners in warm climates. 

Know Why You Want a Rare Breed on Your Homeplace
The Livestock Conservancy, formerly the ALBC, is a great resource for those interested in conserving a rare breed of livestock.

Rodents Can Gnaw Through Anything!
Known as some of the most destructive animal species, the black rat and brown rat were stowaways on ships sailed by Vikings and Europeans, ready to jump, swim and gnaw their way through America’s buildings and structures.


Our View
Cut to the Quick: A Love for Knife Making
Hank’s passion for knife making was stoked at a young age, and he continues to hone his skill today.

Mail Call 
Driving the Grain Truck and More
One reader looks back to a time when long days in the grain truck ended with a well-deserved cold soda, plus other letters to the editor from our readers.

Friends & Neighbors
Zip Tie Dome Chicken Coop Doubles as Greenhouse and DIY Greenhouse Underground
From our friends at Farm Show

From GRIT Gazette:

Hometown Buzz
Springer Mountain Farms Receives Prestigious Medal
Nevada Festival Celebrates Cowboy Poetry and More
New Documentary Reveals Realties of Upstart Dairy Farm
Rural Development Coming to Sidney, Nebraska
Highland County Program Makes Grain Bins Safer

Nebraska Community Garden Helps Refugees Feel at Home
Omaha’s Root Down Community Garden is helping refugees from all over the world one vegetable at a  time.

Recipe Box: Yeast Bread Recipes for Easter
Yeast Bread Recipes, like paska and hot cross buns, are part of Easter traditions from around the world and can be served as a traditional Easter dish, side dish or even as a delicious Easter dessert.

American Heirlooms: Growing Leeks From Heirloom Seeds
A fairly new vegetable to many, leeks are gaining ground in the garden and in the kitchen. Try growing this versatile veggie!

Comfort Foods: 6 Easy Asparagus Recipes
From soup to salad to an easy frittata, these lively recipes just might make asparagus your favorite vegetable.

Country Tech: Choose the Right Hay Baler
When you choose the right hay baler for your needs, you save bales of money.

In the Wild: History of the North American Elk
The North American Elk is an important part of the continent’s history.

In the Shop: Easy DIY How to Build a Hitching Post
Keep your large livestock under control by constructing this easy DIY project that teaches how to build a hitching post.