Testing a Chipper Shredder

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Photo courtesy MacKissic
MacKissic's 12P Mighty Mac is a dependable chipper-shredder for homeowners, with a wide hopper opening and blowback shield.

We spent about 9 months with a couple of chipper-shredder models from MacKissic and managed to make some chips fly. The Model 12PTE1100 was a self-powered, trailer-mounted unit and the Model TPH184 was designed to be mounted to the tractor’s 3-point hitch and powered with the tractor’s rear PTO. The 12PTE1100 and TPH184 performed well with brush and limbs up to 3.5 inches and 4.5 inches in diameter respectively. The electric-start Model 12PTE1100 unit made the most sense when we didn’t feel like powering up the tractor and messing around with the 3-point hitch. Easily pulled around by hand and with the garden tractor, we found the most use for this model when we brought the branches to it or, it to a stockpile of branches over fairly tame terrain. The Model TPH184 was particularly nice when we were working out in the woods or hedgerows and simply needed to reduce brush and limbs in virtually any location on the farm. Bottom line is that if you have a need for chipped mulch, plenty of limb and brushy waste to reduce, or both, these two machines will help you get it done efficiently and safely.

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