Making a Not-To-Do List

Using the advice I gleaned from obviously brilliant bloggers (and a few actual experts), I’ve been slowly but surely compiling my resolutions list. I like to be sure, which requires research, a few steps forward, and then some more research, and then some thought, followed by a little more research.

In the meantime, I thought I’d follow the lead of those equally brilliant editors over at Real Simple (love that magazine!) and make a “not-to-do” list for 2009.

1. I will not put off my blog until the end of the day. I’m a horrible procrastinator who thrives on deadlines. I get to set my own here and that’s bad. Here’s a list of tips from Leo Babuata (ofZen Habits fame) on how to battle procrastination. The Dumb Little Mansite is chock-full of great articles (that you, like me, can no doubt use as procrastination tools).

2. I will not let my email control me. I love gmail – all my messages in one easy, amazingly searchable place. But at work, I have to delete things and organize things, and my searches take hours. On 43 Folders Merlin Mann offers some great ideas (some of which I’ve already used) on getting your email under control.

3. I will not give in and eat fast food more than … twice a week … OK, three times … in the evening. If you need a reason, check out this list by Kathleen Frederick over at The Junk Drawer. I had my stint in fast food, too, and can attest. Yikes!

The gurus of resolutions said to stick to one or two with three as the absolute maximum, so, I’ll let you know how it goes!

Published on Jan 14, 2009

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